Our Team

Philip Nizette

(B L Arch, Assoc Dip Sculpture)

Philip is a Landscape Architect, public artist, public art consultant, community development worker and sculptor with over 28 years experience in the field. He has highly developed skills in landscape architecture, public art, project management and community design/development.

Philip’s passion for design and enthusiasm for creative projects has seen him develop, manage and deliver engaging solutions from masterplans to sculptural details. He has well developed collaboration and communication skills for working with clients, design and other professionals, contractors and all sectors of the broader community. He has lectured and tutored in Landscape Architecture and community design, and is an advocate for public art, community facilities and events, believing that good urban design, and public art, connect people to their environment and create more liveable places.

Philip is an artist who goes beyond the call of duty and shows real dedication to his work – and he loves a swim. In cold Canberra pond water he was up to his chin checking water levels for a sculptural buoy, and again in Vietnam, plotting the riverbed profile for the Dragon and Lotus project.

Jennifer Jones

(Ba Visual Art: Ceramics, sculpture; Advanced Diploma Creative Arts: Ceramics, textiles)

An active visual artist since 1992, Jennifer works with ceramics, sculpture, textiles, graphics and photography in her design work, reflecting her interest in form and use of colour and pattern. Jennifer has the ability to capture the essence of a given theme into a range of materials and applications. She has strong research and analytical skills for the development of appropriate and responsive ideas.

Jennifer also has considerable experience in contract assessment and negotiation, project administration and evaluation and financial record keeping. Jennifer has a great eye for detail, colour and accuracy, crucial to the success of the designs at all scales she brings to life in public places. These traits are used in graphic design, preparation of presentation drawings and documentation of works for construction. Jennifer works on the premise that ‘we all deserve to live in welcoming places’ when developing designs for our modern, and sometimes alienating, city spaces, and that art plays a role to humanise and enrich our day to day experience.

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