Creative projects

We enjoy creative challenges and projects that are ‘outside the box’, push the boundaries and extend our skills. From international arts and cultural events to symposia, bespoke ceramics, innovative office fit-outs, workshops or quirky installations we relish the chance to use our considerable arts, design and community skills to create something special.

If you have an idea and want creative collaborators please get in touch.

Yellow Edge Offices

Yellow Edge & ALIC, Dragon and Lotus Project, , Here be Dragons, Dragon and Phoenix Project, Bird Hide, Sculpture Symposia (VN x2), Jen & Phil individual work

Jennifer Jones ceramics

Jennifer enjoys the tactile and enduring qualities of clay, as well as its adaptability from refined porcelain to robust works of architectural scale, and combining techniques related to origami, textiles, and printmaking. Working with clay is also an excellent excuse for getting her hands dirty.

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Phil Nizette sculpture

Phil pursues a personal sculpture practice alongside the work of Wellspring, to explore concepts and materials, and further develop skills. He enjoys carving stone and wood, creating assemblages with found objects and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

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